Veikko Honkala
1/15 /1943 - 5/17/2020
Rest in Peace
 Member, Friend, Supporter

Remembering Veikko as a musician: For decades Veikko Honkala provided the musical entertainment for countless events at the Finnish Center at Saima Park.  He was a regular at the very popular Saturday night dance held weekly for many years.  I remember Saima Park being important to me for those years just to go dancing.  Dancing was important to me and Veikko was a very good friend.  We all loved Veikko, his personality and his music.  Wow, I am so thankful for the memories.

Veikko always volunteered his musical talent just like so many other ones he had. Looking around at FCSP today, there are and always will be reminders of Veikko's many talents.

Maija Märd

Veikko did so much for Saima!!  Many years ago during a slump time for getting volunteers to do the many projects required to keep Saima going he was always there.  He was our handyman!

He could play the accordion, fix the roof and make the mashed potatoes at our Thanksgiving dinner and always with a smile.

His skills, generosity and sense of humor made him very special. 
Sad to see him go.

Linda Byrne

I remember that Veikko was instrumental in building the platform from which the President Kekkonen program was presented.  It was used for years for the Summer Festival programs.  Then when we did Finnfest in 1984, he took it apart and rebuilt it out in the field for the programs presented then.  I would say that Veikko was the Frank Ruosteoja of his day; important in the upkeep and development of every project for many years.

But I must say that Veikko's music along with his buddy Puutio and later others was a very important addition to many programs.  They often played for dances, for music at the Tori and at Armas Kaukoranta's promoted Independence Day programs.

Roy Helander

In his own quiet and friendly way, Veikko was always helpful and supportive getting projects done.

When a movie screen was being installed, he just smiled, reached over, took the drill and finished what would've otherwise taken all day!

When the ravintola's summer kitchen was being transitioned into a library/museum space, he was there with his truck and his tools to pitch in.

He volunteered his time to renovate the function hall kitchen, building the counters and cabinets.  His lasting contributions are invaluable.

Marian “June” Flinkstrom

I remember when there was anything to be repaired, Veikko, always was there to help.  He also cleared the ski paths in the winter.  He was always at all our meetings and our events.  He was very good with wood.  Of course he made saunas, but I remember one year at Tori he sold some chip and dip wooden dishes he made.  I am so glad I bought one.  Veikko will be missed very much.

Jane Guercio

I know Veikko more from when we worked at Seppala & Aho. He surely was a finish (Finnish) carpenter. I remember the last big project he did, which was the roof on the hall. When he asked Charlie and I to start grooming the ski trails and instructed us on how to use the snow machine, he was very thankful that he was passing the touch to someone that would be taking care of the park as he did.   Of course Veikko service to the Saima was when membership was high and the ski club was still active and many members volunteered.

Veikko will surely be missed and all his talents.

Frank Ruosteja

My remembrance of Veikko goes back to FINNFEST 84 with jack of all trades skills being used to there fullest, if something needed building, repairing etc. ask him and he’d do it or know someone that could.   His maintenance of the Ski trails, getting them skiable after a storm, he was there.

He was always available when needed!!  RIP Veikko!!

Lloyd Hannula

Early on when I became more active in the happenings at Saima Park, I kept hearing that Veikko was the man to go to whenever anyone had a question or problem relative to equipment, building maintenance, etc.  He could be relied upon to do just about anything and everything including cooking for special dinners, cleanup, providing musical entertainment with the Finn Trio accordion group, keeping the trails open and in good condition for cross-country skiing, general all around upkeep of the park and buildings and serving on Saima's Board of Directors for many years.  He could be called "MR. SAIMA PARK".    He will be deeply missed.

Nancy Fors

“Kiitos paljon” to Veikko Honkala for all he did for the Finnish Center at Saima Park.  We are grateful  and fortunate that he so generously shared his many talents.

Lorna Sulin

Veikko will be well remembered.  He was a great man, will be greatly missed.  Deepest Sympathy to his family and friends.

Ed Nummelin

Deepest Sympathy to Veikkos family & friends.... We know Veikko long to time....

Karl Makela

One of the best carpenters I ever met...Master of his trade and a true gentleman..!

Jeffrey Flinkstrom

Handsome man. May his memory be a blessing. 

Linda Lillian