Every December, the Revels put on a wonderful program at Harvard University's Sanders Theater.  Musicians, a children's chorus, and an adult chorus perform.  This year they have a Nordic theme, and wanted to make an audio recording of their program at a place with a Nordic connection.  A search led them to Saima Park.  They recorded in the Ravintola and library the weekend of May 5 & 6, and used the Function Hall for meals and down time.  Exciting for Saima! Please see Alan's note below.

The name of our annual production at Harvard University's Sanders Theatre is "The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice" and each year we highlight a different culture through their traditional music, dance, folk plays and rituals.  This December we're producing a "Nordic Christmas Revels" (opens December 14 for 18 performances - details at www.revels.org/christmas)

We also have a record label, Revels Records, and the recording we made at Saima Park will reflect the music from this year's production.  Megan Henderson is our music director and she put the material and musicians together. We'll be sure to send you copies of the recording when it comes out in the fall!

                                                                                                                                         Alan Casso,
Marketing & Public Relations

Enjoy photos from the recording session at Saima courtesy of Revels and photographer, Paul Buckley.

Also, click here for Music Director Megan Henderson blog post A Magical Experience: The Making of a CD